Photo by Justin Waits

Photo by Justin Waits

“No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”


In the spring of 2015, Chelsea Ryan decided to teach herself to ride a unicycle. With the enthusiasm and determination of a child who still believes nothing is impossible, she achieved this goal in a few short weeks. Little did she know, this endeavor was a gateway into another world, the magical world of circus art.

Since then, Chelsea has become skilled in many circus disciplines that require balance, strength, and coordination. She is now proficient in unicycling, stilts, juggling, rola bola, and hoops, and can even perform combinations of many of these at once. However, her main passions and best skills are the Hoops and the Cyr Wheel.

Chelsea is not only the first Cyr Wheel artist from Oklahoma, but also the 2018 USA Wheel Gymnastics National Champion for Women in Cyr Wheel, after only 10 months of training. 

Now, Chelsea’s business, Hooplahoma, consists of interactive circus play and performances at a variety of events in and around Oklahoma. Hooplahoma is also now Oklahoma’s only hoop company, with beautiful, hand made, custom hoops, made by Chelsea.

Chelsea is also a proud performer with Inspyral Circus of Tulsa, Oklahoma. The owners of Inspyral, Kelsey & Jeremy Philo, have been Chelsea’s mentors from the earliest stages of Hooplahoma. Now that she has been hired as a part the the team, Chelsea gets to perform with Inspyral at high end events in Tulsa and all around Oklahoma.

While she has found much joy in becoming a performer in recent years, working with kids and teaching has always been her true love. Her mission is to spread the joy of learning through circus arts, and to prove that truly anything is possible.