Weekly meet up at Stars and Stripes Park

Every Wednesday evening, the circus community and the general public are invited to join the fun at Stars and Stripes Park on Lake Hefner in Oklahoma City. Whether you’re a professional juggler or someone who has never even touched a hoop, you are welcome to come play and learn! Hosted by Hooplahoma, this event is free and open to the public, welcoming adults and children of all ages. We love to share our art in this beautiful space. Come to flow, to share, to learn, or to spectate, as the sun sets over the lake.

This event is weather permitting. For updates, visit our Facebook Page.

See the Spin Jam featured on Galen Culver’s “Is this a great state or what?!”

Stars and Stripes Park at Lake Hefner

Art in OKlahoma

Hooplahoma elevates events both recreational and educational by incorporating interactive circus art. This less common performance art form is a combination of comedy, movement, and props. Whether it’s an immersive art exhibit like Factory Obscura, a Space Grunge Fashion Show at Dig It OKC, The Art of the Hair at Velvet Monkey, or Oklahoma’s classic Festival of the Arts, Hooplahoma strives to collaborate with artists of all kinds in the community to create unforgettable experiences, while bringing this performance art to the mainstream and adding some unique variety to the art scene in Oklahoma.

Cyr Wheel Performance at the 2019 Festival of the Arts